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Bright Idea

Blog by Jennifer Handley | October 21st, 2014

Have you thought much about that light fixture in your room? Which room is the question you should be asking? Each room is another opportunity to help your home stand out from your neighbours. A ho hum light fixture will mearly shine a light and blend into the background, but no different then that simple black dress your wearing you add a fabulous accessory and it pulls the outfit together. Add a fabulous light fixture to any and every room, you now have a conversation piece. Something that makes a buyer stop and say "wow!" or stop and give room a second look.

Below is a light fixture I spotted in a magazine almost 3 years ago and had 
essentially obsessed over. I knew three of them would be perfect for the island in my kitchen. The problem being that the magazine forgot to reference the manufacture of the pendants. Therefore I was on a week long search over google and many different lighting websites before I came across this little company out of Montreal fittingly named "Eureka". I ordered the three lights the next day and after a week of obsessing over them could not even give much thought to the price.

They really are stunning light fixtures and worth every penny and hour invested on the internet. thumb